Twitter advertising is now open to all users. I decided to start experimenting with it. First thing they ask you is to choose the location of you audience.  I choose to target the Chicago, IL metro area. Next they give you the option to choose you audience based on their interests or to target followers of other Twitter users. This is very interesting because I follow many of my fellow Chicago web designers in a custom list that I put together a few months ago.

Twitter ads 1

1. Target your location and the followers of you competitors. Notice how it displays your potential audience size on the right.

Twitter ads 2

2. More targeting options let you segment audience by different devices or genders.

Twitter ads 3

3. Compose a new tweet or promote previous tweets.

Twitter ads 4

4. Choose your budget.

Twitter ads 5

5. Enter Payment

Twitter ads 6

6. There are two advertising options; basic or advanced. I choose basic because I don’t need any of the advanced options right now and I would prefer the simple setup for speed and efficiency.

Twitter ads 7

7. This shows a comparison of basic and advanced features.

Twitter ads 8

8. Your Done!

Stay tuned for the results.



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