Pitivi is a truly unique video editor


Pitivi respects your freedom and keeps getting better with each new release. It will never require licensing fees or use DRM to prevent you from using it whenever, wherever and however you like. Developed collaboratively by people from all around the world, its sole purpose is to be a fantastic video editor to empower people to express themselves through video. Like GStreamer and GES, Pitivi is distributed under LGPL.

It champions design and usability research: there is no eternal newbie, and Pitivi’s user interface is carefully designed to suit both the newcomer and the professional, to be efficient and intuitive. We adhere to the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines and regularly discuss with artists all around the planet to tackle the hard problems the right way, to make complex tasks easy to accomplish.

It is a vibrant community-driven project, backed by longstanding contributors with a strong interest and experience in multimedia.

Pitivi is a truly unique video editor

Chicago Heating Repair

Chicago Heating RepairWhen it already feels like 17° outside, your home should feel warm and inviting. With forecasts that are below freezing everyday, your furnace is going to be working overtime to keep your interior a comfortable temperature.

If your furnace or heating system isn’t up for the task, Around the Town is ready to offer our expertise in Chicago Heating Repair.

Whether it’s just a new filter, a faulty sensor, or completely broken, our licensed technicians are ready to have your unit back up and running. Our Chicago Heating Repair services guarantees your unit will running properly for the remainder of the season.

Around the Town Heating & Cooling is the trusted name in Chicago Heating Repair with homeowners, landlords, and commercial properties throughout Chicago and the surrounding suburbs. Fix that furnace and experience comfort from the winter weather today by calling us for FREE estimate!

Chicago Heating Repair

Chicago Boiler Repair

Common Knowledge
Boiler repair around the Chicago land area should be performed by qualified boiler repair specialist like Around the Town Heating.

Chicago Hot Water Boiler Repair

Any brand of boiler or any age of boiler, we will try to repair it right every time.

What We Offer

We offer to you skilled boiler repair mechanics that have been servicing and repairing boilers for many years. Our team of boiler repair specialist knows that boiler troubleshooting can be difficult but with our continued education of boilers troubleshooting classes our boiler mechanics can tackle any boiler repair with ease and precision you deserve.

Boiler Types
There are many types of boilers on the market today, and because boilers usually last longer than other heating sources, boilers may be found as old as 100 years.
Repairing boilers starts with identifying the type of boiler that is on the premises; whether it’s a water boiler or a steam boiler? The medium for the source of heating may be steam or hot water.


Chicago Boiler Repair

Furnace Repair Chicago

Chicago Furnace Repair
This has been the coldest November on record in Chicago in some time. Even if your Chicago home is well insulated, this weather will make your home interior temperatures to drop. With your heating system running all day, you need to make sure it’s up for the challenge. To combat the frigid weather, Around The Town Heating & Cooling are offering professional furnace repair services.

More information can be found at Chicago Furnace Repair.

New Boiler Installation in Chicago

Call 312-243-9896 or contact Around the Town HVAC to have this new steam boiler installed in your Chicago area home

The new Series WB90™ oil-fired boiler is ENERGY STAR® efficient with a 90% AFUE. The residential, cast iron boiler is designed for hot water systems. The WB90-03 can be vented in both direct and natural draft (chimney) venting capacities; the WB90-04 is approved for natural draft venting and will be available soon for direct vent applications.

New Boiler Installation in Chicago


IL Bathroom Remodeling

Westchester IL Bathroom Remodeling

Meeder Design & Remodeling – Like all true classics, it transcends the boundaries of time and style. Replace the old and bring in the new! See what your home’s interior is capable of, you won’t believe your eyes!


Berkley Bathroom

Upgrade your master bathroom with the professional services of Meeder. Our staff is ready to take on any job. We can work with any space and turn it into something entirely new.

We guarantee you’ll receive the bathroom you’ve always wanted.

Don’t wait! Get a free estimate by calling 630-835-1700 or contacting us!