Everyblock Email Ad

Everyblock is a local neighborhood hub site that has just started offering paid advertising in their location based email updates and locally targeted web pages. This is a good example of geo targeted ad placement that can be very effective in large cities like Chicago because you can focus in on specific neighborhoods using a reputable social media website that has highly active users.

Their offering a simple, do-it-yourself, cost-effective way to advertise your business at the neighborhood level.

Everyblock is currently only launching in Chicago for this its introductory phase, with future plans to expand to our other 18 cities.

Everyblock’s Neighborhood level targeting is what makes it so unique. We don’t know of another self-serve way to truly target ads at the Chicago neighborhood level. And while most geographically targeted ad options are tied to a user’s current location, theirs deliver the message to their neighborhood of interest. This can be more relevant for local advertisers.
Everyblock Ad page
they’ve added an option to include a coupon or deal of your choice. this adds an element of financial flexibility while redemptions can help you gauge the ad’s effectiveness.

The ad lives within EveryBlock content. Industry nerds lovingly refer to this as “native advertising.” It means that your message looks like EveryBlock content and lives within the flow of it rather than being relegated to a predefined advertising space to which users are often ignore.